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I've been tagged

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I've been neglecting this blog for a while. Been tagged by Jazz and now is my turn to tag people... who's going to be in the list? Wait till the end of the post okay.

And here's the rules:

You must post the rules before you give your answers. You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name. Each fact must begin with that letter. If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name. After you've been tagged, you need to up-date your blog with your middle name and answers. At the end of your post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and need to read your blog for details).

My answers:

S - Sensitive
H - Happy
A - Ambitious

Phew! At last I'm done with Jazz's and Yatie's tag

Now is my turn to tag people:

S - Serene
H - Hamy @ Ida
A - Azwa

Happy Tagging, ladies!!


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