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2 days MC

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I went to see my doc last night coz Iffah cirit birit + vomit + fever. Told him selalu sgt migraine lately. He said maybe because I'm stressed, and he also told me that I need to rest my brain and body as I look so pale and tired. I noticed that but what can I do as I have lots, lots, lots of work waiting for me to finish it by next week. Some more, as a teacher, I can't take leave anytime... huhuhu... And guess what??? He gave me 2 days MC so that I can rest. Yeah... finally I can rest for a while eventhough there's so many workload waiting for me. It's ok as I'll be working from home this 2 days... that's not rest right... but at least I won't be so stress as at the school's office.


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