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My take for NSD's party at Lovescrap

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's been about a month since the NSD's party... I know I should have post this entry earlier but don't know why, I've got this LAZY virus :P. So, today I'll post what I've done during the NSD's party.

My take for NSD 2008 : Inspire Night with Ida
Ida taught us to make an accordian album... it's fun and I'm going to do it more in future...

My take for NSD 2008 : Diva's Funny Things Challenge
Scrap funny thing(s) done by your child and I scrap about Iffah.

My take for NSD 2008 : NSD Influence by Fashion Challenge - Yatie
Scrapbooking always influence by so many things - but for this challenge you have to find the idea from fashion - anything about fashion. I always love the flowers and butterflies at Iffah dress so I scrap base to it.

My take for NSD 2008 : My Fav Song Challenge - Divascrapper

My take for NSD 2008 : BOOKMARK CHALLENGE - Azwasaini

My take for NSD 2008 : MY LAST 5 CRAFT BUYS - Azwasaini

My take for NSD 2008 : Ida's Card Challenge
Make a Mother's Day card for your mum and I did 2 - 1 for my mum and another 1 for my mother-in-law.

My take for NSD 2008 : Ida's Embellishments Challenge
Ida challenge us to do our own embellishment and I choose to make my own flower.

My take for NSD 2008 : Yatie's Sweet Scrapping Nite
1st challenge - Theme - Family
Your Lo must have
1. 3 photos about family
2. 3 different patterned papers
3. 3 embellishments
4. number 3 for the title
2nd challenge - Make an LO with
1. 2 photos
2. one word title
3. 2 different length of ribbon
4. 5 blue buttons
5. journal on paper strip

My take for NSD 2008 : Submit Your Photos Games
Hosted by Yatie... and this is really fun... I won 7/8 RAK for the games.

My take for NSD 2008 : Fliffy's Digital Challenges
1st Challenge - LO for this theme 'WHEN FRIENDS BECOME FAMILY'
1. minimum of 5 photos of your lovescrap friend
2. 2 kinds of paper - solid n pattern papers
3. at least 3 embellishments

2nd Challenge - create a banner to Lovescrap forum


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